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It’s autumn. It’s like it’s a summer

Robin Biznis November 8, 2018, Belgrade

The unusually warm weather for this added to the years has penetrated the vegetation in nature.

I see that in my yard. Many plants still have a green leafy raspberry, cherry and an apple tree.

Some have fallen like Walnut, Aronia berries  and partial woods.

Grape leaves are still present on branches

As long as my foxes do not fall off, I can not protect the fruit trees with the l “Bordovska Corba”

It is a mixture of gaseous lime and copper sulphate in water. The chemical symbol for crack is CaCo3 and for copper sulphate Cuso4. You know,  H20 is  water.The preparation can be purchased already made in an agricultural pharmacy.

What makes me happy is that some types of flowers flourish still. They give a nice sight to my old eyes.

I photographed Ruse, Petunia, and here I was marigold again flourished. I did not photograph it because I opened a flower today.



This warm weather just lasts. My winter has an adverse effect on my health.

And that’s the most important thing.

The only thing I’m sorry about is that the birds of the shade still do not come to the house where I feed them with the seeds of sunflower and nuts.I wait my titmouse.

And when the photos and those beautiful birds come, they will come.


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