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Interesting facts about snow

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Winter is my favorite time of the year. I enjoy in the snow and all that snowy atmosphere. Here are some interesting facts about snow.

  • Snow is a mineral, just like a diamond or salt.
  • Snowflakes are falling at an average speed of 1.7 m / s. That means they need about five minutes from the cloud to the ground.
  • Snowflake is actually a group of tiny crystals of ice of different shapes.
  •  According to Ginis’s record book, the largest measured snowflake fell in the US in 1887 and had a diameter of 38 cm.
  • About 12% of the Earth’s surface is covered with eternal snow and ice.
  • Almost every snowflake in the center has a dust particle (aerosol, sublimation core).
  • There is never too much snow on the Earth’s poles. Most of the blizzard that we see on television originates from the old snow carried by the wind.

Most of the people do not like snow. But, we should enjoy in that period because of the nice and fresh air. Sledding, skiing, making snowman – so much fun! So, enjoy if you are in a country that has winter with snow.


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