Interesting Facts about the Human Body

It is mind-blowing trying to figure out how the brain works or how the bones fuse together as you grow up. There is so much we don’t know about our bodies, this despite the advancement in technology. This is attributed to the complexity of the working of our bodies. For instance, scientists know very little how the brain functions.

Even if this is the case, the little the science has been able to gather about the working of our bodies has helped us as humans appreciate our individualities. The fact we can do things involuntary is really astounding. The brain, the central processing unit in our bodies is a computer that far surpasses any supercomputer that has been invented.

Even if we don’t know much about our bodies, we hope as technology gets better day-to-day scientists will have an advantage in gleaning more information on the whole working of the body not limited to some parts.

Even if technology gets better enabling scientists to learn more about the human body, there are some parts of the body that will be difficult for scientists to gather information especially the brain.

Well, the following are some of interesting facts about the human body. This is another reason to appreciate your individuality as a human being.

  1. A human body produces an average of 1.7 liters of saliva a day.
  2. The tongue of a human being consists of 10,000 different taste buds. The life span of each is 10 days.
  3. The only two animals that enjoy sex for gratification are dolphins and humans.
  4. The average height of an adult’s brain is between 8-10 pounds.
  5. Babies don’t begin dreaming after they are born. While still in the womb, they are dreaming. Don’t ask me, I’m not sure what kind of dreams they have.
  6. Did you know the only animals that cry tears are human beings? Not even gorillas come this close!
  7. If you thought minerals only exist outside the body, you should be aware your body does have some of them: silicon, nickel, zinc, cobalt, copper, phosphates, manganese and calcium.
  8. Did you know if you didn’t blink in your lifetime, having saved all those blinks, and then decide to blink once, you would experience total darkness for the next 1.2 years?
  9. It is during sleep the growth hormones are produced by the body.
  10. 200 muscles are moved when you blink using one eye.
  11. If you didn’t eat food in a lifetime, having saved all that hunger you experienced then decide to eat, you would consume an approximated 6,000 pounds of food.
  12. There are 625 sweat glands in one square inch of a human’s skin.
  13. Children are more sensitive to the sense of smell and hearing than adults; well women on the other hand have a better sense in smell and taste than men.
  14. At the age of 20 years, humans stop growing in height. However, as from the age of 30 years, humans start shrinking in height.
  15. When babies are born, they have 300 bones. Nonetheless, adults have 260 bones. This is as a result of some of the bones having fused together.
  16. How many times do the muscles of the eye move every single day? 100,000. That’s quite a feat!
  17. When you lose one drop of blood from a cut, you should be aware that one drop contains more than 250 million cells.
  18. There is a reason why it is repeatedly said water is life. A person can live a month without food but not less than a week without water.
  19. This is because the brain needs water so does the rest of the body. The body consists of 70 percent water and the brain 80%.
  20. The largest organ of the body is not the brain but the liver. It is also the heaviest weighing at 1.6kg.
  21. If you have been wondering how many times on average a person blinks, it’s 25 times a minute.
  22. The average heart beat of a human body is 80 times a minute. In a year it translates to 30 million times and  in a day it is 100,000 times.
  23. Did you know if all fat was removed from an average body it could make seven bars of soap?
  24. The only parts of the body that have more sweat glands than the rest are the palms of your hand and soles of your feet.
  25. There are over 600 muscles in a human body.
  26. This is startling: A brain has over 100 billion nerve cells. And, the only time a human’s brain grows 3 times its size is during the first year after birth.
  27. It is good to smile always because it is a form of exercise. Always smile for you are exercising 36 muscles.
  28. Message from the sense of touch is sent to the brain at a speed of 124 miles per hour. That is, astounding!
  29. Did you know humans have more facial muscles than any other animals? Well, they have 22 facial muscles on each side of the face.

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  1. Thank you Alexandre. You did the right thing to point out some errors. In the first case, I will have to say the error or mistake is on my part. I will work on it. Same with liver. In these two instances, the brain and liver, I am referring to average weights of the two organs.

    Hahaha…you made a good point on the second part. I agree that is too little…even for me…maybe if a person is taking a meal per day.

    Thank you once again.

  2. I enjoyed reading this very much but I believe, if I´m not mistaken, that there are two things that are not correct or at least they´re contradicting themselves:

    4. The average height (i believe you meant weight) of an adult’s brain is between 8-10 pounds. (3.63-4.54 kilograms)

    and then you write

    20. The largest organ of the body is not the brain but the liver. It is also the heaviest weighing at 1.6kg.

    I know you´re talking about averages but, still….

    The second thing is this:
    11. If you didn’t eat food in a lifetime, having saved all that hunger you experienced then decide to eat, you would consume an approximated 6,000 pounds of food.

    well, if a person lives…let´s say 65 years, that´s 23742 days, what gives us just about 0.25 pounds of food a day. That seems very little to me….and I´m not a guy that eat´s a lot!! 🙂

    I believe, of course, that it´s a problem with your sources and this is not to be a critic, just a check on the facts.

    Anyway, as I said, I enjoyed this reading. Thank you very much

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