Insights at the walking meetup

Sunday, 6.30.19

While walking at the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary meetup, I chatted with some people as well as eavesdropped on other people’s conversation. I noted some herbal treatment, such as New Chapter’s Zyflamen. One woman was wearing her toe shoes for the hike, and she mentioned it helps the calves. I have one, although mine are getting old from using it in yoga class. I might start wear it on and off, maybe with my open-toe compression socks, when I walk around the neighborhood. 

I was also watching some youtube videos by a doctor, and he talked about using dumbbells to strengthen muscles, veins, and arteries. I might do that while I am laying down, with my legs raised, and do some leg and arm exercises.

I have too much stomach acid or acid reflux, which is just uncomfortable because of the bloating. And, I think that tends to lead to anxiety, in which I end up hyperventilating or panic attack.

Hence, I need to keep myself hydrated by drinking enough, get more sleep, and do some light exercises. It is starting to get hot now. So, I think I will keep my walking meetups in the early mornings and evenings, and I probably need to start carrying a water bottle. 

I might need to stock up on Tums, although I have enough in the refrigerator that I haven’t used up yet. 

I need to drink more water with apple cider vinegar. Hopefully, it will get rid of all the stomach acid issues. 

What do you think?

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Written by Fifi Leigh

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  1. i noticed a product at the bottom of my article that sounds interesting. it is called Stops Acid Reflux, and it has acv, garlic, and ginger plant, and it is gluten free. i wonder if it is sold in stores in my area.

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