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Incredible Waterfall

If you thought that one of the biggest and longest waterfalls was Niagara Falls you would be wrong. Most likely you haven’t heard about the Denmark Strait. One of the reasons is probably because this waterfall is below the surface in the Atlantic Ocean.

This waterfall is equivalent to 2000 of the world’s most notable waterfalls. Water cascading from it goes 11,500 feet straight down. Denmark Strait’s cold water on the eastern side is denser than the warmer water flowing from the west side. As a result when these two waters come together, the colder one sinks and a waterfall forms.


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  1. So somehow I suspect you’ve been researching the ocean! This is really interesting. The power of the ocean is one we do not often consider. But Fairbanks Alaska can be warmer than Chicago in the middle of December, because of the ocean currents!


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