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Increasing the Monarch Butterfly Population

This is the time of the year where summer is coming and so are the Monarch butterflies of New Zealand. Unfortunately the paper wasps kill them. So I brought some inside and some of their food and these are some butterflies that have just been released.

Another additional butterfly hatched today.

Not all of the Monarch caterpillars make it.

First born male Monarch

You may see 2 small dots, close to the abdomen. It shows you its a male butterfly.

The very same butterfly

Resting on the table before I let it go.

Another Boy butterfly

I found it in the laundry, the caterpillars often sneak away and form a chrysalis where its is most unexpected, this on a window ledge.

So it went outside.

Here it is outside, and its very hungry for nectar.

Todays butterfly

You see its female, no dots on the hind wings but the black bands are thicker. Released today.

I usually released them one day after they are hatched so that they are strong enough to defend themselves.

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