Idiocracy – What Education?

In the 1950s the push to educate the population, real and strong education was live.   Education was important.

This elevation of education to the highest level of society  lasted until the 1970s.

Attending High School  was virtually mandatory. College was cheap enough, and there  were many University scholarships, because in the 1960s, education was important as clean water, food, housing.

The result of this resulted in a large population of people who thought for themselves.  People who were not persuaded by a demagogue.   All the money of the rich did not prevent average people from challenging their power.

As the pinnacles of education became full of ‘no bodies’ who scored higher than the privileged something had to be done to prevent the son of the helper getting a scholarship that ‘belonged’ to the son of the ‘master’.

The process of dumbing down was in steps so that each class was a little bit less than the year before.  One of the first moves was an end to ‘streaming’ in public schools.

No longer would there be ‘Bright’ ‘Average’ ‘Dunce’…  kids were put into a ‘mixed’ class.

The Lowest Common Denominator, that is, the stupidest child in each class controlled the class.  This would slow down the education, this would modify it, so that unless one went to a privileged private school, which focused on education, they would be de-educated.

By 2000 Public Education is to be discarded.  Schools are modified and what information is dispensed to be of limited value.

This created a population of people who know nothing much about anything.  People who can be told anything by a demagogue and believe it as they have no base of information on which to compare it, and further, make no effort to do so.


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