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I will call these my Artsy Shots!

I took too many pictures during my last walk once again. Not so surprising if you follow my hikes. 

These are my leftovers from the walk in an Avocado Orchard. 

#1 Close up

The wind was blowing so this is just a tad blurry. 

    • We did grow them in Arkansas. You have to have more than one for them to pollinate and winter them inside. You can make a type of smaller version, kind of like a Bonsai. Or have a green house.

#2 From under the canopy

The lake is down in the bottom of that ravine. We tried to make it down there but it was just too steep. The dogs did make it down there though. Wasn't too steep for them. 

#4 The snail

I thought he was so cool looking. You can see veins on the top by the head. 

#5 Another angle.

It had just rained the day before. There were so many snails out. 

#6 Meika

Has her camouflage on and is blending into the tree... She is actually guarding an avocado she has been carrying around from Luna. 

#9 Shadows

The opposite hill is in shadows, while we are standing in the sun. 


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    • Thank you, I was thinking I want my daughter in law to make this one artsy, she has a way with them and have it printed to hang in the bedroom. 🙂 I have one of all the dogs except Luna, need one of her as well.

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