When Trump first suggested using Hydroxychloroquine, a medication used for malaria and lupus, as a treatment for Covid-19 those with fully operational brains did their research.

Now there is a difference between checking an organisation like the AMA (America Medical Association) or taking information from a respected medical journal like the Lancet,  to form an opinion,  and reading the back of soup cans.

Those who have misplaced their brains do not have the capacity to distinguish between truth and fiction, between a website flung up to catch coin, (i.e. the infamous WashingtonInsider and the now wealthy Macedonian youths who created WTO5 News which claimed the Pope endorsed Trump) and something like CNN or BBC which can be sued.

As Trumpanzees do not possess the mental acuity to distinguish between true and false, real and imaginary, they will quote items found in something called or which are less reliable than the onion.

Those who quote babylon.bee or know they are dealing with satirical websites.

Trumpanzees actually believe what they read in the thegatewaypundit, despite the fact it is known for publishing falsehoods and hoaxes.

To avoid arguments with these people I have now suggested they take hydroxychloroquine as their Massa suggested.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar

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