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Hurricane Florence spread destruction in North Carolina- Four Dead

Hurricane Florence collapsed in the coastal areas of North Carolina and heavy rains and winds spread destruction in the area. The Wilmington police has said a tree collapses on a house in a result a women along with her child dead at the spot. In another incident, A woman in Pender County was passed away by Heart Attack, because the trees fell off the roads and the roads blocked, and despite the information, the ambulance could not reach the patient’s home.North Carolina governor said that the fourth person was killed when he was starting his generator.

Craven County  authorities have reported that hundreds of people have been saved from flood and shifted them to the safe places. Authorities say they received more than 150 phone calls to help the New Berne town, because there has been water in people’s homes.

The United States National Center has said that now Florence is gradually moving towards the south-east of North Carolina and its wind speeds are up to 120 kilometers per hour.The US National Center also says that the storm will continue to move forward and will enter the south-east of South Carolina on Friday and Saturday.

Prior to this, the officers expressed concern that problems and troubles will increase for millions of people after the collision of coastal areas. The United States National Center has said that even though the Florence status has been reduced, and at the time it is at the second stage of the storm-level  but still it is dangerous and there is no prediction to say.The Meteorological Department report states that the speed of wind blowing winds is 165 kilometer per hour and combined with severe rain, it can cause major disaster.

Earlier, the American center had said that the rain could be up to 40 inches after the collapse of the coastal town of Carolina’s coastal town, California. North Carolina’s governor has said that no one has invited Hurricane Florence but he has arrived here.

He told the people that although the level of storm was reduced, they should be alert and smart. Manage your safety, it’s a powerful storm that can kill.

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  1. I’m sorry about the people who died and lost their homes. Houses will be rebuilt, but human lives are not coming back. I heard on the news that an evacuation was recommended. Why did not people go to a safe place in time?

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