How Many Faces Do You See?

I love clouds,

Yeah, I know they’re just vapor, moved around and shaped by the wind. But, sometimes, those clouds seem to take on shapes and it’s an old pastime to stare into clouds and let the imagination take over.

So, why might this be interesting enough to warrant a blog post?

Well, looking at these particular,clouds, my muddled brain is imagining I see not just one face but, several, as if they are just standing around in a semi-circle.

And, since I already know I’m what most people cobsider “crazy,” I just felt like sharing these and asking if anyone else sees the same thing.

I had a chance at capturing a beautiful sunset but, somehow, I screwed it up.

So I thought I’d just share,some, clouds I found to have an interesting shape, in an effort to do something with a blown shot.

Do you see the same thing I see?

If so, how many?


What do you think?


Written by DonaldPennington

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