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Hiking View

The best pastime ever, since I’ve moved into the country, is hiking. I simply love to stroll around, exploring nearby hills and paths. That’s how some of my best photos and stories originate. The following photos were taken on such a wandering above the village.

Hidden Roofs

Vegetation is so dense that it seems nobody lives here. Until you take a second look...

Amazing fact is that most of those trees are fruits.Walnut trees, plums, quinces and mulberries grows everywhere around, so everyone could pick them freely. I prefer to collect herbs for my teas and herbal infusions.


Plastenik is that nylon tent-like thingy that protects early vegetables from coldness, rain and everything else that might  corrupt them. Also it obtain enough warmth and humidity to gentle young plants to grow big. 

So Peaceful

Villages in mountain areas are usually shattered, as you can see on this picture. People built their houses where terrain allows, not where they want to.

Sun And Shade

When it's cloudy, some parts of terrain are in shade, while others are still bathed in sunshine. If you look up to the sky, you can easily distinguish where cloud cast its shadow. 


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    • This amazing place is less than 20 kilometers away from my hometown and internet connection is pretty satisfying. 🙂 The whole terrain here is mountainous and we have a hill almost in the middle of the town. In fact, it is some ten minutes (by feet) away from the house I was living in. 🙂