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Hiking treasures!

In the next town over and inland from us there is a small lake that was made by damming a small river. 

Looking at Google maps and a hiking site there were these pictures of a pretty creek flowing out of the bottom of the dam. We have tried two times to make it down to the area that the photos were taken. 

Two tries, two days of hiking and we could not find the trail down to the creek. The dogs did, but the path they took was deep underbrush and very very steep. No way for us to get down. 

What we did find was an abandoned  avocado orchard, with avocados just falling off of the trees. 

We loaded up twice now with avocados. The dogs love the hike, yummy avos on the way and they can make it down to go swimming. So after another failed try, we just hung out under the trees, and I took a lot of pictures.  Wanna see? 

#1 Flowers!

We parked in a subdivision which lead to this valley. 

The area on the top, the back round is our scrub brush, the light green is actually mustard flowers, the yellow is daisies, and the red trees are avocados. 

Do you see anything else cool about this photo? See those white boxes in the clearing on the right? Those are bee hives! 

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#2 Closer

This looks like a seasonal creek flows over the little gravel road. 

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#3 The ocean

The beach is just beyond that hill in the cloud shadows. See the faint blue/grey line? 

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The marine layer of fog is lifting from the ocean. Time to head on up the hill. 

#5 A baby

A tiny Avocado Tree and some wildflowers. The new shoots just glow red. 🙂 

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#6 Still going up…

Looking back down at the bees..

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#7 The foxtails are head tall!

I held the camera as far above my head as possible and clicked. 

On the top in the back you can barely see the ocean with it's marine layer of fog lifting to that valley of micro mansions, the bees and pretty ravine, and foxtails as mentioned above. The maroon looking trees are all avocados. 

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#8 So colorful..

#9 Wildflowers

There were clumps of these all over the hills. 

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#10 We made it to the top of the hill!

The avocado trees are loaded! We loaded up on avocados that had fallen off of the trees. The dogs ate as much as they could once we showed them the insides of them. The peels and seeds are not good for them, but they seemed to know this. They made a face if a peel got in their mouths and would spit it out. It was fun watching them. 

I took a lot more pictures and will post them soon. There will be views of the lake and dam with the damn dogs having fun!! 😉 

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