Heavy Snow Fall – Washington took over ice sheet

In the history of the United States, the government’s shutdown is still ongoing, and the weather has taken bombastic role in the city and has changed its color.

More snow forecast is expected, but on Sunday the city got to see the these scenes of snow fall.

This was the first snowfall of this year winter in Washington.

People enjoyed the snow at the bottom of the Capitol Hill.

The statue of the seventh American President Andrew Jackson is looking even more beautiful.

The White House driveway is going to clear from snow.

The battle of ice shells  in the National Mall.

Three women in America’s Rock Creek park are wearing clothes of american revolutions.

A man is using kite to snowboarding at National Mall near Washington Monument.

Few homeless persons lies on the earth near the White House.

The photographer snapped the beauty scene in the National Mall.

In Virginia, This dog has been chested by the owner to keep him warm.


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