Heavenly power made tattooed on human body

There is no denying of thunderstorm the heavenly power but some it work wonder like we have describe in this article. it some time makes branches on the skin of the victims, which appear like a tattoo.

Save from Heavenly power people around the world, with great shock on bodybuilding designs, like epic impressions which is not yet fully understand. However, a German scientist Lashtenberg has named this lashtenberg phenomenon, based on solid evidence of power in solid materials.

We know that a convergence of heavenly power is sufficient to light millions of billions of bulbs. This power of electricity gets more than 27 thousand degrees warmer than that, Because the heavenly power of electricity is up to one billion volt of energy.

Electricity causes severe harm to the human body. It affects lungs, heart and nervous system severely.Heart can stop Brain and hazardous mourning is destroyed, and its light and heat deficiency can be lost.

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