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Haunted Morris-Jumel Mansion

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At the highest point in Manhattan in Washington Heights in New York City at the corner of 160th St. and Edgecomb Ave. you can see of all things a southern style mansion called the Morris-Jumel Mansion. It was built before the Revolutionary War of 1776 by a British subject Colonel Rodger Morris. Today it is a museum open every day to the public until 4 pm.

During the battle of Long Island in 1776 George Washington made his headquarters at the mansion. When it was reclaimed by the British General Sir Henry Clinton stayed there. After the war at one point, the mansion became a tavern called Calumet Hall. In 1810 A French wine merchant Stephen Jumel and his American wife bought the mansion which stood on 35 acres of land.

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Madame Jumel

There are at least 5 ghosts who have made it their residence mostly residing on the 2nd and 3rd floors and the balcony. In January of 1964, a group of school-aged children arrived to tour the mansion. As they waited to be let in the children saw a woman in a purple gown come out onto the balcony. She hushed the children and then disappeared through the closed doors behind the balcony. When the curator Mrs. C arrived to let them in the children asked about the woman on the balcony and wanted to know why she wouldn’t let them in. At that point, Mrs. C realized the mansion was haunted and by description, it seemed that the apparition had been Madam Jumel.

On the top floor in the servant’s quarters, a distressed young woman has been seen. Apparently, a young servant girl jumped out of one of the top floor windows after she had become romantically involved with a family member. A history teacher, eager to see the mansion headed up the stairs. She got quite a scare and fainted when reaching the top landing she was confronted by a Revolutionary War soldier who stepped out of a painting. He has been seen on other occasions as well. Unfortunately, a teacher with a heart condition had a fatal heart attack after being confronted by an apparition. Hans Holzer has informed people that ghosts will not harm them and that they should not be afraid. But aren’t we all afraid of the unknown?

Four ghosts still exist in this mansion however Stephen Jumel was helped to the other side by Hans Holzer and medium Ethel Meyers. They helped him vent his anger for being murdered by his wife. After an accident with a pitchfork, she removed his bandages and he bled to death. Having been able to tell his story he found peace at last.


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