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Gulf Breeze and Pensacola Florida

The picture above shows the bridge to Santa Rosa Island and Pensacola Beach in Florida. This narrow strip of sugar white sand features two different waterfront experiences. With only one highway  and plenty of sidewalks in between the two shores you can visit the Gulf side or opt for the serenity of the sound side.

The picture below shows the sound side.

This was my first time to Florida. I loved the small house with the sky scrapers behind it shown below.

They rope off parts of the beach for these rare birds. Not sure what they were, but they lay eggs in the sand.

I finally made it to the beach! Yes, that’s my feet. I had just got my cast removed, and they gave me this walking boot. I am still on crutches in this shot and not able to walk in the boot yet. My friend that took me said I would never be able to crutch through the deep sand. Oh Yes I can!  It took me about 3 seconds to get my boot off and crutch to the water.. I couldn’t wait to swim!

Now time to relax on the beach and watch the fisherman. The pole in the front caught a shark while we were there. It was really pretty and had blue eyes. I have no idea what kind it was, it was about 2 feet long.

Excuse the blown out sand, It is really really white. I found out why. All the white sand comes from quartz crystal. You can feel the energy of the crystals.

Under the pier. This coastline is nicknamed, “The Emerald Coast”. You can see why.. Check out the water color.. It was nice and warm too, with not much rip tides, although they do get them here.

Someone had a bright idea. This shows a hammock under the pier.

A shot up the beach, lots and lots of sand. I laugh at this picture remembering this lady. She was amazed that I was there in a boot and crutches. She gave me the thumps up!

Hope you enjoyed my snaps, and the little visit to the beach in Pensacola Florida. It’s a great place to visit.


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  1. Looks like a wonderful and beautiful place! I’m amazed you made it there, crutches and boot and all! 😀
    Good for you! I went to Nepal with an ankle in bandage and with a walking stick as I twisted it two days before travelling – doc said I wouldn’t be able to go… and asked me to give him my ticket… haha…. 😉

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