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Greetings To All Those Who Carry The SEA – A great love for me!

Here is a poem dedicated to the sea:

You miss me, sea!
You always miss me.
With the waves of the surf,
With the heat,
With white flocks, sea,
And with the wind,
he blasted the sails all the way.
You miss me, sea,
Like a tender gentle,
Left for tomorrow,
But desired.
As a friend to gather my soul,
carelessly scattered.
I love you, sea, from our first meeting.
Your salty breath
Enchanted me.
I will be yours forever, sea!
In the heart, as an oath I will carry you!

-Rumen Chenkov

If you love the sea and everything connected with it. Your memories with him. Your photos captured in your favorite moments of your life with it. You are willing to share your photos upload them here. I invite you to do so. Here are two of my pictures for my great real love.

© Elenka Smilenova 2017 – All Rights Reserved


Here the old fishermen have told me many stories. I learned how to know who had a successful catch at night. Because they come out late in the evening after sunset. And they get home morning after sunrise. If there are many gulls over the boats and boats that accompany them, there is plenty of fish. The more there is fish there.

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