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Google Map Hike

My son loves to hike and often invites me and the dogs along. His favorite thing to do is go to Google Maps and find places no one goes… 

Sometimes we end up finding the place, but on the maps you cant really tell depth. Some places you would of had to use repelling to get down, or sprout wings. lol.

Other times, it’s wonderful. Like the day below. 

The photos don’t really do it justice, the hill we climbed was brutal. My calf muscles are still screaming and its been a few days since. 

I started off by taking a lot of pictures but as the hike got real and I started getting vertigo, (I am afraid of heights) I stopped taking photos, and just climbed. lol 

Anyway part of them were on one of my quizzes. The others can be seen below. 

It’s dry out here, with high hills. But the flowers are gorgeous.

More flowers. 

And the yellow flowers on the side of the gravel road.

As we get higher in elevation, you could see this view that was off to the right of the road. 

And the valley.. With greenness like this in a valley here, could only mean one thing…. WATER… 

But we are heading up away from it..

And up…. By this time my son and the dogs are out of sight..

It’s about 75 degrees out, but as you can see there is no shade. It started getting hot. The hills were very steep. look at the angel of my sons legs. The pack on his back is also carrying a couple of gallons of water for the dogs. He’s even starting to feel it. 

A quick rest on these cement things and we top the hill. It got scary and I shut off the camera…

It got hot and I didn’t click again until we went down into that ravine that I said as green and must hold water..

There was a bridge down there too which offered super dark cool shade. The temperature difference was about 15 degrees. 

By the time we made it around the corner and look down. The dogs were already neck deep in water. lol They drank all of the water on the trip up the hill. 

The view..

We ended up staying here for an hour. It was so nice. More pictures of the water later. 

Have a great day. 


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Written by Kim_Johnson


  1. Amazing journeys you, your son and your dogs take. You all seem to really enjoy it. Your son is the best carrying everything and the water for the dogs. Did not know you had vertigo. That makes two of us. You do great with your walks and photos. Love this one a lot. Isn’t is so cool when you walk down and can feel the temperature change. Thanks for sharing the memories.

    • Thank you Carol, we do have a bunch of fun… usually.. lol.. Poor kid sometimes looks like a pack mule. Glad hes strong. Big corn fed boy,,he can do it. lol
      About the temp change. You should of seen Luna, her first real hike. My son kept on pretending he was her, and saying, “Mom, why u take us on death march?” Where is the shade? Where is the water? She was super happy to make it down into the valley.

      • Haha and I still thought that “angel” is the term hikers use to make their trip seems more “safe/guided/holy” I can’t find a good word for it… but I think you get it
        I guess I think too much :p

        Oh, yeah, I know the muscle protesting afterwards …
        resting will make it go away 🙂

  2. I see you have been walking very nicely.My son also loves hiking in the mountains and hills … much more than going to the sea.