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Good Morning!

I call any morning that starts off like this very good. Our typical marine layer of fog was kept at bay by the Santa Anna Desert Winds. Most of the time our wind comes off the ocean, but every now and then it gets switched and the desert air pushes the marine layer back and we feel the desert. The dry warm air. I love it, but it is a very real fire risk. We have had no rain for November things are getting super dry. 

I plan to take Meika (my dog) on a walk later today, I will bring my camera and take you along with me… I usually post a few days behind so look for it next week sometime. Until then I hope you enjoy my dawn. 

Ah the glow, as you can see its hazy but not really foggy..

Looking north east is my best view for sunrises. I have a small spot to shoot in between the trees. 

The trees make great silhouettes. 

The colors started off very subtle and the camera almost didn’t pick it up. Without a lot of noise that is..

Then the colors started getting brighter.. Can you guess what kinds of trees are in this silhouette above?? There are two kinds of trees shown. One comes from Australia and the other comes from the Peruvian Andes. 

Above: Looking westward toward the Pacific Ocean. Below: This one shows more of the landscape which used to be natural. Now being filled with hundreds of homes.. 

The last one shows 4 different kinds of trees in it’s silhouette. Can you name these? 

Thank you for taking time to check out my little view! 


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    • Pixie you wont ever see a selfie from me. I am one of the ones that can’t have a lens pointed at me. I get that deer stuck in the road look :O I did take some of Meika, I will post in a bit. Thanks so much for the comment. Good take on the shots, and its exactly how I felt when taking them.

        • lol, well at least you know there are some of us out there that just can’t seem to act or look normal when the camera clicks. You know those glamour shots? I went to get some done about 20 years ago. The professional photog says, we can do this. It’s okay I have worked with people that are camera shy for years, we will get you a good group of photos. .. .. Well 300 clicks later, we did get 6 usable ones.. He said after the shoot, boy you are right. He tried everything. lol

          • 300 clicks and only 6 good ones! Those who cannot model, write. Now that applies to both of us. Lol! I am only relaxed when I am close to the person pointing the cam. But I have one rule: the frame must contain more of the view and less of me. Because I need the view for remembering memories, “me” on the other hand, I see on the mirror every single day that I get tired looking at it. Hahaha!

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