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Gigantic Waves

Most everyone knows what a tsunami is and how dangerous it can be. Washing away people, towns, and everything in its way. The reason that these gigantic waves occur it that when waves reach shallow water near land there is no way for them to disperse the immense energy they hold and thereby the energy goes up, elongating the wave. In Alaska, in 1958 a combination of an earthquake and a landslide generated a tsunami that was 100 feet high. This tsunami destroyed all the vegetation up to 1720 feet and became the largest in recorded history.                                                                                                                       

As amazing as it might seem there are also internal waves in the ocean. Sort of like water walls that have been discovered three-miles below the surface of the ocean. These particular waves are a part of layers of water with various densities. These can reach heights of 800 feet before they collapse. Research done on them makes it seem that these massive forces have the ability to move heat and nutrients to other areas.


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  1. back in the early 2000s, a tsunami hit Phuket Thailand. The team I had been on, won an award and were there at the resort that weekend. I wasn’t able to go (being in the US). The team left the day of the Tsumani returning home, but I spent a frantic four hours reaching everyone!


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