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Ghostly Church Visitors

All across Latvia, there are many churches and many different kinds of stories which are supposed to be true have been told about what others have experienced.

Today there are only remains left of this church. At the Aumeistera Church a woman passing by noticed lights in the windows. When she decided to investigate she discovered that the church was full of dead people. Remembering her long-dead mother’s warning of not disturbing spirits she made a run for it. However, fleeing from the church one of her shoe’s fell off. The following day when people went to have a look around they found the woman’s shoe. It had been torn apart.

One dark night an old man and his wife were returning from the fields. Not far from the same Aumeistera Church they saw a group of people heading toward an estate. The men were all dressed in black and the women had hats on. One of the men approached the old man’s cart and asked him if the servant was at the estate. The old man gruffly answered what business it was of his if some servant was or wasn’t at the estate and got the horses trotting away quickly. Looking back he and his wife saw the group heading for the old estate. Strange as it may be it became even stranger for the fact that for a long time there had been no one living at the estate.

Barbeles Church is a Lutheran church in the Vecumnieku area in Latvia. It was built in the 1800s. Three travelers walking past the Barbele Church heard a very loud noise. One of the travelers went to investigate. She saw no one only two lights sliding past the gates. Feeling frightened she ran outside and saw that along the road two people were driving by their heads covered by scarves.

Edoles Church a Lutheran Church in the Kurzemes region of Latvia. People had come to a church service and the following day they saw the church burning. So everyone ran to try to put out the fire but when they got closer to the church they saw that is was no longer burning. Instead, a girl with a pale face came out of the church and told the people that she had been in the church praying for her dead mother but suddenly the church was full of dead people including her mother. Her mother told her to go away or things would not be good. From that moment on the people of Edole have known that their church is haunted.

At the Jaunpils Church a Lutheran Church dating back from 1548 and was renewed in 1989. There is also a churchyard nearby. One Christmas travelers were returning home when they saw a lot of horses by the church but when they ventured closer the horses disappeared. That was when they saw lights burning in the windows. One man climbed up a tree to look inside and saw the church filled with people all in white. He jumped from the tree and made a loud noise and the light in the windows disappeared.

Another incident at the same church involves the church’s pastor and his son. The pastor was teaching his son the duties involved in being a pastor but advised his son that he could only begin practicing after the pastor himself had died. After his father passed away and the son took up the duties of pastor his father’s spirit still haunted the church. Finally, the son climbed up to the pulpit and prayed to the Lord afterward his father was at peace and no longer haunted the church.

Near the Lielauces Church from which today only some walls remain two girls were heading to their parents’ for New Year’s and they saw that the church was alit. They went inside but the church was full of spirits. The girls got down on their knees and began saying the” Lord’s Prayer” when an old lady approached them and asked why they had come there. Then everyone began to sing a song about the fact that to them the girls were unwelcome. Finally, another old lady told them to quickly leave as otherwise they would be torn to shreds and so the girls left the church.

The Lubanas Church organist died. He was buried in the churchyard. However, at night he along with other dead spirits returned to the church and while the spirits sang he played the organ. To put a stop to this a large rock was placed on the organist’s grave but it got broken. They put on another rock and that too got broken. Finally, a third rock remained in place and afterward no sounds of singing were ever heard from the church again at night.

During the New Year, the pastor and his helper were going over the accounts in the Riga White Church. They finished the accounts at around 10 PM and the helper went home. After an hour the pastor also left the church. At midnight people in masks knocked on the pastor’s door and requested that he marry a young couple. The pastor let all the people into the church and married the young couple. Returning home he heard two shots. He notified the police. The police followed the imprints of footsteps and came to a nicely kept grave. Digging up the grave they discovered a young couple who had been shot. Nobody knew who they were or how they happened to have haunted the church that night. Also, no one knew where the masked crowd had gone too.

These are just some known tales that people who have experienced these things at some time have told. I know myself that I’ve been in churches which have given me peace, in churches which have made me uneasy and in churches that have made me sad because they are empty, It’s the unknown that always scares people, especially that we don’t understand what to expect from the world beyond.

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