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Flowers on my Walk

I have a few photos of flowers from other people’s gardens and I will put in some of my own.

The wonderful thing about living in Onehunga and central Auckland is the fertile, rich loam brown soil. Perfect for growing things.

Why a garden.? I was brought up being expected to help on the family garden and it was our food. It is also food for our table. You can have all the luxuries of growing your own herbs. They also taste better because they are fresh. 

#1 Black & White Flowers

These flowers look pretty but they are also poisonous.

#2 Here is the normal colour of the Flowers

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#3 View of a House amongst plants

#4 Yellow Daisies on the Street

#5 White Flower in my garden

This is from my garden. 

#6 These Welcome Visitors

A Jade tree in a pot and a money tree.

#7 Home Grown Apple Cucumber

For some reason the cucumbers are growing very well this year.

#8 Some of my plants and ornamental Hedgehog

#9 White Roses in my garden

What do you think?

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    • Thanks Albert, yes we are in the middle of summer. We have had the hottest January ever and more rain than usual. I welcome the rain, not the humidity. Most of the time 90% humidity and Im pleased that some days I go swimming at the pool. However, we have just had cyclone Geeta pass us but it has badly affected the South Island. Not us. The last 2 or 3 years we had extremely dry summers, so this year, Im glad of the rain.

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