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Flight Path of The Royal Spoonbills

Here we have a series of a Royal Spoonbill flight path. In Weymouth, Auckland, New Zealand

The fasination of how birds fly have been with us for a very long time.  

Modern aircraft were originally designed according to the flight of birds. The birds can man over better than aircraft.

It never fails to amaze you how flight is achieved, but we have the reason why. The air has weight and the birds can use the air mass to bear their weight for thousands of miles airborne. Then aircraft weighing thousands of tonnes fly and deliver their passengers throughout all the world. 

So here we are.

The miracle of flight for Royal Spoonbills.

#1 The Sentinel Royal Spoonbills of Weymouth, Auckland

Watching and waiting. 

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#2 One Royal Spoonbill flies through the air.

The first time I spotted it.

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#3 See how the wings move

And the expression on its face

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#4 Along it goes

Destination is in its sights

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#5 The movement of its wings

Its flying and moving fast

#6 It still keeps going

Still focused

#7 Now its heading to there

It knows exactly what its doing.

#8 It is going to its perch

On the pine tree of Weymouth, Auckland, New Zealand

#9 There it soars

Diving to its perch 

#10 It is coming to land

Now its coming down.

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