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Fire in the snow

These are pictures from my archive. They were made during one of my winter holidays in my native Bulgaria. We went to Comathian Rocks

For the fire

Fire is a fast and constant oxidation of material in the chemical process of combustion, which produces heat, light, gases and solid residues.  The fire does not include slow oxidation processes such as corrosion or digestion. Burning begins when the combustible material is exposed to high temperature, then self-sustaining, becoming an autonomous energy source. Fire is a complex formation, a combination of the emission of black bodies, soot, gas and combustible particles, as well as the photon emission of the excited atoms and molecules of the gases.


The flame is the visible part of the fire and consists of light emitting hot gases. At high temperature, gases can be ionized by turning into plasma.  Typically, most of the radiation is in the visible and infrared spectra. The color of the flame depends on the temperature according to the black black body radiation law and the chemical composition of the fuel element.


Since the prehistoric age, fire has been used by people for cooking, heating, lighting and communication. On the other hand, it can lead to fires that cause material damage and human sacrifice. The prevention of fires and the reduction of potential damage from them is an important consideration in town and building design and in most modern societies there are specialized organizations for their extinction and containment.


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