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Do they find the “Queen” in the garden in October?

With me the time allows the “Queen” to beautify the gardens. Stop both locals and tourists, bewildered by its beauties. That we are in October does not prevent it from being majestic as in May. Because not everyone can see it this season of the year, I share these pictures with you. I wish to All Friends and the Team a happy and full of positive emotions weekend.

Now a little for the roses.

HISTORYThe earliest evidence of the rose we encounter in the ancient Indian legends that tell of the worshiper of the rose – even a law – everyone who brought a rose to the ruler of the country can ask him for whatever he wishes. With roses decorated the royal chambers, they paid taxes and fees …There is nothing to tell her about the world in the legends; only in Indian myths it is reported that the most beautiful woman of the world Lakshmi was born of a pink color, consisting of 108 large and 1608 small pink petals. Vishnu, the guardian of the universe, saw the enchanting beauty in her pink swing, woke her up with a kiss and turned her into his wife. From that moment on, Lakshmi became a beauty goddess, and the pink bud pudding, a symbol of divine secrecy, became a sacred mystery for all eastern nations.

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