Fallacy in Dicamba testing by Monsanto


In 2018, Monsanto did a field trial on the pesticide dicamba.  They took a swath of land 30 meters long and 30 meters wide.  They grew crops on that plat of land using dicamba-resistant seeds that were genetically modified.  After six weeks, the researchers measured the status of the crops within the plot of land by five meter intervals.  From watching the video that was put together, everything appears to be fine with this pesticide.

However, you can see the fallacy all throughout this video.  The swaths of land surrounding where the pesticide was sprayed were unable to grow crops.  The dicamba had drifted towards adjacent fields and destroyed those crops because they were not genetically modified.

Even with this shoddy experimentation, Bayer bought Monsanto for $66 billion (USD).  Bayer bought Monsanto on June 4, 2018.  This video was posted publicly on August 27, 2018.  Monsanto deliberately withheld this video so that there were no mitigating factors that would have swayed Bayer into not buying the agricultural giant.  Due to this incompetence, Bayer lost a $265 million (USD) lawsuit last month with many other lawsuits to follow after dicamba drifted and killed adjacent orchards and crops.


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