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Dunes fungi

Have you ever seen mushrooms on the beach?

Well… this was the first time I did. And the last time as well.

I have no idea what they are. They were pretty dry and now from the photos it is a bit hard to identify them. But what a cool find!

Few weeks before that I was discussing with my friend (calling us fungi geeks?) weird

Places where mushrooms can grow and she showed me some photos of fungi growing on dunes and I just couldn’t believe her! Come on – its dry, winy, hot. They don’t like that…

Yet here they are. Pity I took just 2 shots. It was actually a very cold, windy early spring day. On my earlier post you can see the empty beach of Lagoa de Albufeira that day. Almost no one there…

Anyone knows the their name maybe? Have you even met a dunes fungi?

What do you think?

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