Dozens of mysterious dolls appeared in the Russian village at nights, people scared

In a small city of Russia, dozens of mysterious dolls appear in the night, People are afraid after seeing this, some dolls are in school uniforms, and people have said that not only by looking at them we are afraid something different is going to happen and our blood pressure is increasing. Some dolls worn by school uniforms are also nailed outside the house.

Some of these dolls are hinged with needles and of some dolls eye or one arm  is missing. People living here are scared and disturbed due to these dolls. Immediately after the incident, the police reached the area and tried to satisfy the people.

In this case getting CCTV Footage is underway and their details of buying dolls and keeping it out of the house. In some houses the dolls are stuck with nail on the wooden pots. After this incident, a scared person has said that, as there is a shadow of a ghost on our village.

A local man said that all the dolls were kept in a local museum,  it is use by group of skinny experimenters, and then in the mysterious way, they have left at the different homes.

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