Dealing With False Memory

There are times in life when you have to understand that you can not shed any light into the darkness.   When a person harbours False Memories, there is no way to extradite them.

Yes, accidentally, one might say something, not to the victim but another, which breaks through the barriers.   For there are barriers.   The Victim maintains his/her darkness with every drop of blood.

So vested in maintaining their false memories they will ‘reboot’ when led to the reality that what they so strongly believe did not happen.

Encountering someone who harbours these false memories one keeps trying to free them from their bonds, and invariably fails.

That is the most traumatic part; having to realise that no matter what you say, what proof you bring, the Victim will cling to his/her chains.

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Written by jaylar

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    • No. False Memories are not senality; these are a twisting of reality, either accomplished by a psycho-therapist or the mental imbalance. They may manifest in teenage, more often in one’s thirties and forties.

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