Dealing with False Memory – 7

The two previous recountations of real cases in which the Victims were so inoculated with false memories that they could not break away.  They want these horrible memories of things that didn’t happen.

This is because a false memory, to survive, must constantly be supported.  Must constantly be repeated and clung to.

Hard facts do not alter the belief in those memories.

This means that whoever tries to dislodge them will fail.

Walking away is the only solace one can have.  

Yes, accidentally, something might dislodge a false memory, but it must be ‘blindsiding’, that is the Victim did not expect to hear or see what they did and such revelation takes them completely off balance.

For example, Dina always believed that her father molested her when she was a child.   She could ‘remember’ when she was eight how her father came into her bedroom.

This never happened.


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