Dealing With False Memory – 4

In the case of Harriet, (discussed previously), here was a woman who wasted forty years of her life wallowing in a past that never happened. 

‘ Remembering’, events that did not transpire.   Her memory determined by her therapist.

Although her sister had reached out, tried to reform a relationship, she failed. She failed and was wise enough to let it go.

The physical distance and passage of time made the separation rather easy. Further, the sister had a life, children, a profession, friends, so did not need Harriet.  

That Harriet had sent that ten pages of rubbish and refused to consider that what the therapist told her might be false, was enough advisory for her sister to walk away.

Years later, the emails exchanged  were remarkable in that there was cogent proof that the events which defined Harriet didn’t happen.

The proof, instead of shocking Harriet to sense, placed her in pause, where she was able to reboot and return to the fallacies that defined her.


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Written by jaylar


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