Dealing with False Memory – 11

Marcia, who was made to believe that she was abused as a child journeyed to her Aunt’s funeral.  

It wasn’t until it was over and she heard her mother talking, that something exploded in her brain.

Dimly she began to recall thinking her Aunt was her mother.  Marcia had never discussed it.  Never put it into words.

She stood there, a woman in  her late sixties, hearing her mother a spray ninety, describe a situation. As her mother spoke, images waddled through her mind, and it all fell into place.

When Marcia was a baby her mother became gravely ill.  She had been sent her to live with her Aunt.  That  Aunt had recently lost a baby and in one part of her mind, assumed her sister would die and she would have Marcia.  She even called Marcia, ‘Lynn’ the name of her dead child.

But Marcia’s mother didn’t die, and wanted back her child.   At the age of three plus, Marcia’s Aunt brought her to her mother, and after a week, left her.

There was never any explanation, never a period of healing.

Unable to understand why she felt so strange and weak, Marcia eventually attended a psycho-analyst. At the time,  she was twenty seven.  It was from the mouth of this analyst, who knew nothing about Marcia’s past, made the assumption that Marcia’s problems were due to the fact she had been molested as a child.

For close to forty years Marcia had lived with a false memory which consumed her.  A false memory which destroyed her relationship with her sister, her mother, her father; everyone in her family.   She had felt a strange connection to the Aunt as well as some odd resentment.

Marcia had never been abused.  Her issue was due to that strange confusion of who was her mother.

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