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Daily post – no 5

Something a little different now. For today I decided to post a photo of a horse resting in a field full of flowers. I didn’t want to get closer because I was afraid he will get scared of me. Or me of him 😁.

I just thought he was beautiful and all those small flowers were also great. A small demonstration of what life is.

Do you love horses? Or are you afraid of them. I always believed they were some of nature’s most  impressive creatures 😀.

What do you think?

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Written by Gogata Ionut

I'm searching for something new. I want to see if I can find interesting ideas and people.

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  1. I love horses but not much opportunity to ride them. Once I got to know them, was surprised how a large animal would submit themselves to be ridden by people. They do and they become a great friend too. I love them just as they are.

  2. I love horses. Great shot, this one is saying hello to you. He or she is not afraid, just curious. You can tell by the set of his ears. You could of played hard to get and he probably would’ve approached you.

    • Hehe, maybe. But I also didn’t want to disturb him much, it was just a beautiful view. The field was covered with millions of flowers (quite literally!) and he was so calm and peaceful 😁. Just beautiful.

  3. Beautiful picture! 😍
    I used to ride horses, I can’t be afraid. 🙂
    Horses will only harm if they feel in danger, they’re the most afraid, definitely. 😄
    Also, I heard horses have eyes that see everything bigger, they probably think we are about their size.

    • See? I know very little about horses and this adds to the fear factor. I think they are majestic and beautiful, absolutely gorgeous creatures 😀. I still remember a horse that I saw maybe 30 years ago. I’ll always remember him as the most beautiful abimal I ever saw.
      You used to ride horses? I really envy you…

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