Crystal Beach

A Costa da Morte is a place of wild beauty, and sometimes surprises its visitors with luggers like this little hidden cove where the sand is covered with thousands of crystals that the sea brings here.

Perfectly polished by erosion they fill the beach and give it an unreal aspect. It’s funny because only in this little corner of Laxe do the crystals stop. Currents do not drag the small colored crystals.

This small cove, without a doubt, seduces the most curious visitors attracted by the history that tells that the current returns to this cove the crystal, already polished, that years ago was thrown into the sea by the neighbors of the area.

Thousands of colored crystals cover the sandy area giving an almost unreal aspect of this beautiful area of Galicia.

This is undoubtedly an example of how nature has been able to transform into something beautiful something as incipient as using the coast as a dumping ground for crystals.

Do not hesitate to visit it if you have the opportunity.

But a warning is totally forbidden to take out the crystals from the beach.


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