Creating Life

Will we ever create life in the lab?

What will it mean? Will it mean that God isn’t necessary? I don’t think that’s necessarily so.

A basic cell is irreducibly complex. It can’t be created step-by-step. It needs all of it’s parts at the same time in order to work at all. Some say we will find a way, but I don’t think so.

And what is the component called “life”? What is that special thing that separates the living from non-living matter? Is there really an elan vital, an essence, that makes living things?

We can all feel it, but people deny it. I know it is there.

This is one component we will never be able to create. That is God’s domain.


What do you think?

Written by riverwild


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  1. Wild, this brings to light a question brought to life even more in modern events more so. We can alter life and adjust its structures maybe we’ve even crossed the line of creation, but will we ever give life a spirit or soul so that we can really call it life? If we do, do we become god? If we do, what becomes of our gods of our various religions? A whole set of different cans of worms get opened when we cross that edge.

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