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Covid 19 Lockdown level 3

I live in Auckland, New Zealand and we are in lockdown level 3, again…Most countries have had a resurgence of Covid 19 virus. The rest of New Zealand is in lockdown level 2.

Now New Zealand has had low death rates about 22 people and yes, quite a few infections, but a lot of the fact that we had a resurgence, due to returning New Zealanders from overseas that were infected with Covid 19. All of them were put into isolation but some broke the rules, now we have tighter security on isolation and quarantine places..

Because some people did not follow the rules, they spread this virus in New Zealand. 

Now most people with some common sense, know with a virus the most sensible thing to do is to isolate it and in so doing stop the spread of the virus..It is a reasonable request, and vital, as Covid 19 kills people. It may seem hard to go hard and fast with the isolation but it is the wisest course of action in the circumstances.

Take the Black Plague, which was spread by rats and other people. Killed a lot of people and anyone who came into contact with any one infected with Black plague. Covid 19 is a different type of virus, but no less deadly. 

There is nothing new in isolation techniques to slow the virus and infections of today, they did it with other types of diseases in the earlier 20th century, shopping malls and public places were one of the most likely places to catch any disease.

In fact, contrary to a lot of talk about the white man killing off Maoris, or native peoples by war, a lot of them were killed off first by the diseases the white man took with them in the colonisation of places like America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Not all white men from europe were bad, my great great grandmother Mary Berry practiced Irish herbal medicine on the Maoris infected with diseases and healed many at the risk of her own life.

This here, to tell you. New Zealand is not a hell hole, and Covid 19 has not taken away our freedom and there is no secret conspiracy to kill people off and make people slaves..Infact there is nothing new about Covid 19 at all..It is just a disease that with improvement of knowledge and skill will become a thing of the past.

We are no better or less than anyone else on earth, we had to go hard and fast because as a small isolated nation we simply don’t have the resources in our hospitals to deal with a huge outbreak of covid 19 and so isolated ourselves and had checks and balances to see when it is safe to come out of isolation…Because we do it quickly, it will be shortly and quickly over and done with.

Best way to stay healthy stay home and safe and use a mask when going out for supplies…Wash your hands regularly…keep sanitzer handy…Keep a 2 metre distance from any person you don’t know.

Here are some photos..first a young new born duckling for spring.

#4 Pukako in the Garden

Pukakos are not a gardeners friend, they destroy plants and eat young lettuces, but I think these birds can be trained to take out weeds. It has picked out kikuyu grass roots for me, and it has a beak much like pliers, so the Pukako can effectively be trained to weed gardens, but most right it off as a pest.

A pukako is also a predator and I notice the cats have not visited our garden. We get about 4 Pukakos visit, plus we had 5 Drakes and sometimes Mrs Duck as well, plus sparrows, White eyes, green finches, starlings, pigeons, turtle doves and mynas...


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Written by Pamela Moresby

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