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Cool Stuff found while Hiking

I seem to have a knack for finding the unusual.. Here are 10 photos and the things I have found along the way.. You never know what you’ll find off the beaten path.

Here I came across this cool hat, which brought to mind the old saying, “Hold on to your Hat”, meaning a warning that some excitement or danger is imminent.

This bottle was glass. I love old bottles, this one came home with me.

This dog barked at us as we walked by. Really, it did! It was one of those things you put at the door, kind of like a door bell. I hear the homeless people around here use these to let them know when people are near.

Speaking of dogs, Maggie Mae found this football. She was so excited about this great find that she played with it for hours.

We also came across this old dog toy. Dog saves the world! Catchy title, don’t you think?

Curious finds.. What the heck>?

In California it is legal to smoke marijuana, but one should never leave trash behind.. The one below shows how it comes packaged.

And a blunt.. A blunt is marijuana rolled in a cigar paper like a joint or cigarette.

This area was a farm long ago. I think this is a pump to provide water to the crops from the nearby stream. I love old stuff!

And lastly this dinosaur bone, my cats foot is a good size reference.

Hope you enjoyed my totally random finds.


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Written by Kim_Johnson