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Cold Front Moving Through

I live in southern Mississippi not too far from the Louisiana state line on the section where Louisiana looks like the toe of the boot.  We have pretty mild weather here compared to up north most of the year.

We are getting ready for a cold front that is moving through the state tonight and tomorrow that will leave us with temperatures in low 40’s.  That’s not too bad, but another front is right behind this one. It will be bringing in some harsh cold weather for us.  Our lows will dip into the mid to upper 20’s Wednesday night.  I’m NOT looking forwards to this weather event.

How is the weather in your area right now?  Are you experiencing severe cold weather yet?  The cold is bad enough, and these fronts usually arrive with some preliminary rain.  The rain and the cold mixed really leave us southerners with a chill.  Then we are left with a dampness from all the rain and humidity.  I’m not looking forward to this cold and gloomy winter.

In case you haven’t guessed it yet, I’m not a winter or cold weather person!  Do you love cold weather?  Or do you prefer warm and sunny weather like me?


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Written by Karen Gros

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