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Cloudland Canyon Hiking Trail

The very first camping trip was at Cloudland Canyon State Park. It was totally beautiful. We had planned on going when my  mother was feeling better, but she passed away before we could go. We waited a few months after the funeral and chose to go anyway. She would have wanted that, and would have really loved the place.  We felt like she was there in spirit with us the first trip we went on. She loved hiking and she loved camping. None of could remember her campfire scary stories, but we had some fun anyway. I had dug my cameras out of storage and put them to work!  She was notorious for having a disposable camera with her everywhere she went.

I personally feel closer to my mother doing the things that she loved doing.  I will not use disposable camera, but I plan on using film cameras along with the digital camera. I hope she is happy and not in pain any longer.


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  1. You know she was with you! I wouldve done the same. In fact, when my dad passed, I was having a hard time answering the phones and talking to people that stopped by to offer condolences so I took a week canoe trip, just me and my sons. I could tell he was with us as well.

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