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Chickens With Flying Problems

For some reason except for when we want some delicious chicken dishes, chickens have been made the butt of certain jokes like why they crossed the road and so on. What we know about chickens is that they are covered in feathers and they have wings. Why then, cannot they fly? Apparently, if a chicken attempts to get airborne it can do so for a bit and then has to land. I have seen chickens in barnyards taking a running start, flapping their wings and like a plane with a sudden warning light landing and skidding in dirt creating a real dirty cloud.

One of the reasons why they will never be good fliers is that their wings are too small and the muscles required for flight are too heavy and too large. Unfortunately for the chickens, it is the fault of humans and what is known as selective breeding. A wild bird that is native to northern India, southern China and southeast Asia is known as the junglefowl and is the closest relative to the modern chicken. Chickens were first domesticated between 6,000 and 8,000 years ago.

So chickens must accept their fate and realize they can only fly if at all, very short distances. You might not have noticed if you have not been near any chickens but when they are scared or shushed away they do not run at first but fly a bit setting up feather and dust and then they hit the ground running. Now the fate of the modern chicken became dismal when people began enjoying white meat more than dark. Chickens were bred to have much larger flight muscles or chicken breasts so you could say they became top-heavy. So chickens remain flightless and we enjoy delicious chicken dinners.


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  1. I smiled how you said except when enjoying their delicious meal, people have joked about them. I didn’t know why they don’t fly. Thanks for the information. They’ll have to accept their fate.

    Joke (Backyard Chicken Soup)
    Q: Did you hear about the chicken who could only lay eggs in the winter?

    A: She was no spring chicken.


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