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Care to take a drive with me in the countryside?

Last week I posted a failed hike. My son and I had tried to find this waterfall, but some of the road signs were missing and there were several truck trails crisscrossing each other, and we never found the fall. It was a great drive through some really awesome countryside at the base of our Santa Rosa Mountains in Southern California. So with that failed attempt I was determined to find this thing! 

This is the week we found the fall trail head, there were several trails, and of course none were marked after you started off. The trials went every which way, with lots of Y’s and trails crossing each other. Yes, we did get lost, I panicked. I cried. Although not from getting lost. I thought I was going to fall to my death.. More on that later. 

The road we were on last week had the same name as the road that the falls were on, and were about 2 miles from each other and did not intersect. We were, of course on the wrong Tenaja Falls Road last week. It was a dirt truck trail, that went of for miles and miles. This week we found the real road, it was paved, but only one lane. 

So this is our drive to the falls. 

#1 Look closely, this is not just a field.

See the coyote? 

#4 5 miles

Of this one lane road. See the trees on the base in the center? That is where the trail head is. 

#6 You must sign in.

I know why now.... In CASE YOU GET LOST..or hurt. 

This is one heck of a trail. If you do find the right trail to the falls, it is only 1.6 miles there and back. A very short hike. And of course if you take one of the other trails you do end up at the base of the falls, after about five miles. We did make it eventually. I will post the fall pictures tomorrow. 

Have a great day and thanks for taking a ride with me! 


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    • You are welcome and thanks for riding with us! You know what’s odd, is that the houses they just put in here at the creek, about the same time your back was developed. Is that I still hear coyotes over there. I really am surprised they still travel that area. There are 500 new houses..

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