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Build the Wall movement could be stopped by a Butterfly Center


The US federal government is attempting to build a wall along its southern border between America and Mexico.  However, there are private properties in Texas that sit right on the border with owners not ready to give up their land to the government.  The government has tried to buy property from the owners, but the owners have not budged for over three years due to low-ball offers from the government.

To go around this failure, the government has now started a land grab by calling the building of the border wall a national emergency.  By saying that the issue with the wall is a national emergency, the government then can take the land without the owner’s consent due to eminent domain that is listed in the 5th Amendment of the US Constitution (I plead the Fifth!  I plead the Fif for all of the Dave Chappelle fans out there!)

Nevertheless, there is one group that is fighting the issue of eminent domain in the courts.  The US government has attempted to take land from the US National Butterfly Center.  However, the Center has taken the government to court.  This issue has been currently been appealed by the Center so that they do not have to give up any of their land to the government.  This case could determine whether or not the wall will be built.


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  1. I knew they’d try to use eminent domain, and I should’ve known they wouldn’t even bother offering fair value for the property. Assuming the current administration is only one term, the wall isn’t really something to worry about. Their legacy will be a much larger problem than some stupid wall


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