How to Boost Your Brain In 5 Minutes

Christmas holidays will soon be is in full swing, which is no reason to let your brain vegetate. To keep your brain in great shape, I have compiled a list of amazing creative ways to boost brain function, like nibbling on pumpkin seeds, mowing the lawn, and golfing. For other easy ways to boost your brain fast, read on:

1. Positive Thinking

It’s possible to get smarter, savvier, and more creative—after reading!

2.  Learning a Second Language

It is proven, that by learning another language may protect the body against Alzheimer’s

3. Speaking Out Loud

 This may sound crazy, so warn anyone in earshot, that you are about to do this.

4.  Learn to play an Instrument

Practice playing an instrument.

5. Navigating Cities

How did the GPS get smarter and smarter? From navigating many cities and towns.

6. Glucose

A little bit of glucose (25 grams) actually boosts alertness and memory.

7. Fatty FoodsFatty foods have recently been found to boost long-term memory.

8.  Chicken and Eggs

Both foods are great sources of choline and can boost memory.

9. Grape Juice

A substance in grape leaves called polyphenols, that produce wine and grape juice boosts brain cell communication.

10. Coffee

Studies indicate caffeine in an eight-ounce mug of coffee actually improves short-term memory and attention.


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