Book Review: I Love Nature More By Robert Vavra

I took my adopted son to his counseling appointment, and this book was on an end table.  It will amaze all that read it. The pictures are the best nature pictures I have ever seen. I am only going to show you a few that are in the book “I Love nature More” by Robert Vavra.

This is named as ” Song of the spurred tortoise,:  It may not be spurred tortoise.

Tortoise Shell

The African Elephant song.

 Elephant’s skin

This book is about many different colors and textures along with exotic beautiful animals and birds throughout the book.

There are many other great photos found in this book. Some photos are called The giraffe song, The python song, and song of the Sika Deer etc.

By each photo,  there is a message I call it about it. One of them about a fawn that I will not reveal the whole message. It ends up talking about eternal youth. It amazed me!  This book, in my opinion, can help people’s moods, because of the beauty the author has captured in his photos. I want this book!

Do yourself a favor and find this book.


Image Credit-David Vavra from his book ” I love Nature More.”


What do you think?

Written by LaJenna