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Bless all who work in a Garden

It has dawned on me, how much I love nature and gardens..

Gardens brings neighbours together and creates wonderful friendships.

A garden nurtures life..and small life and produces herbs, vegetables, fruit and flowers and even butterflies.

A very simple thing than anyone can do is to grow things, even if you have no ground except a few pots..

In the day plants breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen gas. They do the opposite at night. The plants are like lungs and give us fresh air.

In the past deserts were formed when poor people burnt down forests or over grew one type of food because they were poor and selfish people took everything that ordinary people had to keep to themselves. The few became rich and ruined the land and forest

We reap what we sow . That is not a bad thing, if you plant a tree, you can start to feed a family, if you extend that to a garden, you can plant many types of trees and fruit and vegetables, herbs for cooking and healing and flowers to brighten your day.

#1 Manuka or Kanuka

It is otherwise known as Ti Tree in New Zealand.  Manuka honey is said to have strong healing properties and antiseptic qualities.Yes, its delicious and very good for you.

I don't think anyone can tell the bees where to get their honey I believe more in Bush honey, it is a mixture of New Zealand natives and frankly I think it has more vitamins.

You see, Maoris used this Ti Tree for many purposes

#2 The Red bush on Left and Swan plant on the right

The red bush is a Samoan healing plant, I have yet to learn more about but it is very beautiful. The right is a Swan Plant to feed Monarch Butterflies

You see, European type of plant and Samoan type of plant. Then the Maori types of plant

#4 Passionfruit

Many of Virily people posted photos of the Passionflower, which is very like the flower that produces the fruit I am getting now.

Very sweet and delicious to eat.

#5 I love not a wall unless it looks like this

This is Otauataua stone fields, looking out to Manukau Heads at Manukau harbour. The 2nd largest harbour in New Zealand.

#6 Build Gardens, Build Friendships, I love not a wall.

I am a New Zealand European, 6th generation from the United Kingdom. 

My neighbour on one side is Fijian Indian, that is her native tongue and she is very strict in her vegan beliefs, she smiles a lot and is very generous and kind. A loving soul.

On the other side is a wonderful Chinese woman, she planted some strange herb that came up on my side of the fence by accident.

You see Elves and Pixies break down wall.

That herb that this Chinese woman grow, is great for the skin and heals rashes. I don't know its name. It just works.

I have another Samoan neighbour who has Samoan plants that heals.. 

#7 A tree is known by their fruit.

This is a lemon tree, the lemons are not ripe but I know it will bring lemons.

If you plant love & kindness in a person, that is what you will receive. Don't think it is easy, it is not. It takes a lot of different good qualities to produce a person that has this quality. It requires a lot of hard work and a good dose of humour.

Begin with children, and in any child or person we have good seeds that do great things and evil, which destroys ..

It is our choice to choose life in ourselves and no one else can make that decision for us.

Walls won't stop evil from the evil that comes within. 

I now have maybe Indian, Samoan and Chinese plants and they may have New Zealand European plants originally from the United Kingdom. All have great plants and together we can build friendships and food to feed and care for many others.

So in response to a wall in the USA, I would say build gardens, friendships, not walls, unless they decorate a garden. Perhaps the Mexicans and Americans would see good in each other and then they could exchange their guns into spades, shovels and gardening tools.

I know right now that some scientists can turn deserts into gardens and they need the investment, it may be the answer to climate change, or climate improvement.

It would clean the air, and money could be spent to change a desert into a land of milk and honey. All things are possible if you have hands and feet and a will to work at it. Gardens would be a great investment in our future.


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Written by Pamela Moresby

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