Blackfin icefish

The blackfin icefish is a remarkable creature that is able to live in the coldest waters to be found on Planet Earth. It inhabits the coastal seas on the Atlantic side of Antarctica, where the temperature can fall to -2°C(28°F). It is found at depths of up to 770 metres (2,500 feet) below the surface.

These conditions would freeze the blood of most fish, but the blackfin icefish has its own natural antifreeze. It appears to be ghostly white, which is due to not having any red blood cells. This makes the blood thin enough to flow in very cold temperatures.

The blackfin icefish grows to 72 cms (28 inches) in length and weighs up to 3.5 kg (7.5 lbs). 

It is a sluggish swimmer that needs little oxygen. Its food consists of krill and small fish.


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