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Big skies over East Anglia

The Wash is an inlet of the sea between Lincolnshire and Norfolk. The adjoining land is completely flat and low-lying, and beyond the sea wall is an immense area of salt marsh and mud that is virtually inaccessible to all but seals and birds. Even in the areas where access is possible – such as along the flat-topped sea walls – you can walk for miles without seeing much sign of humanity. It is hard to believe that Great Britain is one of Europe’s most crowded countries when you come to places like this!

These photos were taken in late July 2017 between the mouths of the Rivers Nene and Great Ouse. Inland, wheatfields stretched for miles, while out towards the sea the view was of grass and mud. However, above the horizon the clouds formed huge panoramas of ever-changing interest. This is truly an area of `big skies`!




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