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Bees and Apple Blossoms – A Short Film From This Spring

A long time ago I made some small gauge films. It all started with a class at the San Francisco Art Institute called “Fine Art Filmmaking”. I had a few 8 mm and Super 8 cameras, a splicer, an editor, and a Dual 8 projector. The films were hand held down and dirty little films not necessarily telling a story. It was about movement, the rhythm of the splices, focus was kind of optional even, etc … Well, you get the idea.

I decided to make some digital films and everything is different. This one is in HD, everything is so clean and slick. I don’t miss the expense of developing and getting work prints among the other limitations but I actually have started experimenting with lower resolution black and white to try to simulate that same feel.  Anyway, here’s a little film of bees on my apple tree that I made. If you have 2 minutes you might enjoy it. I slowed it down a bit because the bees are so frenetic and I made audio choices that I hope work in an interesting way.

I have hundreds of macro pictures of bees and about 5% of them are really presentable. I volunteer on anti-GMO and anti-Monsanto/Syngenta/DuPont/Bayer campaigns and started trying to document pollinators for that purpose. Hope you enjoyed the bees.

I will be posting more films as I have a bunch in the works and will be filming some events at the Summer of Love celebrations over the summer. Cheers everyone. And help save our pollinators!


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    • Thanks Carol. It wasn’t too easy to film them. They never stay in one place too long. The film is in slow motion. It’s weird that the pictures I added just disappeared but oh well. One of them is the cover photo.

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