Bees and More Bees

Bees are all over my yard this time of the year. I see them in my Rose of Sharon blooms. Hummingbird Feeder. All flowers that have any kind of pollen or nectar. You have to be careful while photographing these bees as they will chase you. So far I have been lucky and have not been stung but I am very careful. I try to zoom in, take the picture and get out the way. They hear the camera click and sometimes come your way! Nature is full of surprises especially this time of the year.


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Written by Carol DM


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  1. I thought that was a strange looking flower in the last shot. lol. I think they are intimidated by the lense. Perhaps it looks like a big bee eye.. They zoom me as well. I did have to run a few weeks back, we came across a “Hot hive”. Killer bees, and they are super aggressive.

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